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Day by Day Evolution of One Day Surgery And Overnight Sugery by General Anesthesia

One-day Surgery
Until 20 years ago, surgery on the buttocks generally required hospitalization for two weeks to one month. The main reasons for hospitalization were pain and the need for management of bleeding and postoperative wounds. A single day is becoming more common now, but our hospital already had nearly 100% one-day surgery 17 years ago when we first opened. This is possible because of the surgeon’s technique that minimizes pain, and a 24-hour system of postoperative follow-up of the patient. Of course, the surgery is not simple, so the cooperation of the patient is also indispensable. It is worth the effort, and it is nearly miraculous how we have continued providing medical care for 17 years without a single accident. In the future, we will continue aiming to improve our technique and provide patient-oriented medical treatment.

New Efforts
In parallel with one-day surgery, we are starting overnight inpatient surgery with general anesthesia. This overnight inpatient surgery, whose primary purpose is to reduce the burden on the patient during the operation, is very popular, and many people have undergone it. Both types of surgery have their own applications, so please be examined and consult carefully with the doctor before having surgery.

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