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Commitment to One Day Treatment

One-day Treatment

The features of our clinic are as follows.

  • We specialize in anal diseases, especially hemorrhoids.
  • Treatment is performed in one day.
    • In 1300~1400 surgeries a year, recurrence rates for each surgery are as follows.
      • Hemorrhoid ligation/excision: 0.3%
      • ALTA 4-step injections 3.0%
      • Radical fissure surgery 0%
      • Radical fistula surgery (seton technique) 0.8%
  • Treatment is provided in principle under health insurance.
    • The annual number of outpatients is approximately 25,000.
  • We do our utmost to relieve the patient’s pain.
  • Medical services are closed on Wednesday (Please contact us by email)

Surgery in our clinic usually requires one day or hospitalization for two days and a night. An operation takes about 10 minutes to 1 hour. After surgery, any bleeding or pain that occurs is dealt with for 24 hours round the clock. We perform 1,300 operations a year. Good surgical results are obtained.

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Please call us for consultations/reservations.

Akashi Uonotana Clinic:[Consultation]078-911-8501 [Reservations]078-917-7058

*By reservation ONLY. Please make a reservation by phone or email before coming to the clinic.

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