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Regarding One Day Surgery of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids have been generally treated by surgery with hospitalization, mainly for management of bleeding, pain and surgical wounds. In our clinic, we treat hemorrhoids for a complete cure. For example, if there are blind hemorrhoids on the inside and outside of the anus, both the inside and the outside are excised (removing only the outside will not cure). Removing the inner blind hemorrhoids can rarely cause major bleeding after surgery. If that happens, the patient will be in danger if the doctor does not respond immediately. With pain also, if the surgery makes it too painful to walk, hospitalization is required. At our clinic, we do our utmost to select surgery which causes as little pain as possible and minimal injury. Although some people sometimes complain strongly of pain, it is not enough to require hospitalization, and they themselves do not desire it. Thus, at our clinic, one experienced full-time physician (four part-time) is available 24 hours to respond to emergency situations of bleeding or pain. This is the duty of the doctor who performed the one-day surgery. In this way, it is necessary to receive appropriate treatment in one-day surgery, with awareness that there is a dangerous aspect. Hemorrhoid surgery is not easy. We are proud to have responsibly treated many patients since our clinic opened in 1997.

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