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Regarding Reservation Status

Currently, mornings and weekends are very crowded, so waiting time can be expected even with an appointment, so please leave some extra time.

Examinations in the afternoon are relatively less crowded.
Because it is a complete appointment system, please make an appointment by telephone before visiting us. Please note that telephoning on the day will not be considered an appointment, and examination will be in principle after all appointments have been completed.
We also have examinations in the mornings on Sundays and national holidays.

Please make an appointment by the day before.
A female doctor is in charge of the Sannomiya clinic on Wednesday afternoons. Since there may be sudden changes, if you prefer a female doctor please make an appointment after confirming by telephone.
In addition, a female doctor is also in charge on Monday mornings and afternoons. Unlike Wednesday, it is not for female outpatients only, but if that is not a problem, it is comparatively uncrowded, so please make an appointment.

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Please call us for consultations/reservations.

Akashi Uonotana Clinic:[Consultation]078-911-8501 [Reservations]078-917-7058

*By reservation ONLY. Please make a reservation by phone or email before coming to the clinic.

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